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Tesla Posts Massive List of Achievements for 2022

Tesla Posts Massive List of Achievements for 2022

Last night Tesla published its report card for 2022. It's a missive 2022 achievements and as the company said on Twitter, it has been a huge year. Let me show you what’s in that report and what’s important for your decision making when it comes to Tesla.

The statement began with a summary of Elon Musk’s famous goal; helping the world transition to sustainable energy faster. The rest of the thread highlights Tesla’s achievements in 2022, which is about to end in two days. Tesla said “Thank you to Tesla owners, supporters & employees for helping us accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

In that Twitter report Tesla mentioned expanding the Supercharger network to all US states and reaching 40,000 rapid chargers globally. It also lists opening the network to non-Tesla EVs in 15 European countries.

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