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Tesla Parks 3,000 Model Ys at BER Airport Because Giga Berlin Can't Hold Them

Tesla Parks 3,000 Model Ys at BER Airport Because Giga Berlin Can't Hold Them

There is a strange development between Tesla Giga Berlin and the German capital's two airports. Tesla parked 2000 new "Model Y" in front of the BER Terminal 5, shortly before the Christmas Holiday. And there are 1,000 more at the new airport. This has nothing to do with marketing, and has everything to do with Giga Berlin's capacity. And in this report I am about to tell you here.

Why did Tesla do this and parked 3,000 Model Y electric cars at the parking lot of Berlin's airports? At first I thought perhaps this was a marketing technique. I thought maybe the Tesla's hope was that air thousands of Model Y cars would catch the eyes and the interest of thousands of travelers and Tesla could further grow its car sales in Germany. But it appears that this was not a marketing technique, although it may be the secondary result of it. It looks pretty spectacular as you saw on the thumbnail of this video before clicking on to watch this video.

The reason: the Gigafabrik in Grünheide is ramping up production rapidly – 8,000 employees are already building 3,000 cars a week. The delivery warehouse next to the factory is too small for that. A 100-hectare expansion area has been applied for, but the development plan is still missing.

The solution to the space problem: The BER. The old Terminal 5 has been permanently shut down, its well-lit car park gaping empty. “Teslas logistics service provider 4S has rented the space,” said airport spokesman Hannes Hönemann of BZ, “for the time being until mid-January. Extension possible."

Sufficient parking spaces are still available for BER passengers and employees at Terminals 1 and 2. Because unlike Tesla, Berlin's airport is slow to get going.

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