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Tesla Open To License Powertrain, Software and Batteries To Competitors

Elon Musk says Tesla is open to licensing software, powertrain and batteries to competitors who want to accelerate their transition to electric cars. I think this is going to have great benefits not only for those companies but also for Tesla and our environment. Perhaps, this can result in more than 100 million ICE transitions to electric vehicles yearly.

Tesmanian reports.

Elon Musk—and in extension Tesla—extended a friendly hand to legacy automakers recently. Musk suggested that Tesla would be open to licensing its software, specifically Autopilot. He even went a step further and said Tesla would be open to supplying powertrains and batteries as well.

Musk emphasized Tesla’s mission to accelerate sustainable energy, not crush its competitors at the end of his tweet. The EV automaker has always shared some of its tech innovations, hoping that it could help traditional automakers produce all-electric vehicles of their own.

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