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Tesla Model Y Cars in Quicksilver Spotted at Giga Berlin

Tesla Model Y Cars in Quicksilver Spotted at Giga Berlin

A few days ago one of our Berlin friends noticed Tesla Model Y cars in a new Quicksilver color spotted at Giga Berlin factory's parking lot. If anyone of you have ordered them, when do you expect the delivery, he asked.

If you remember, about 10 or so days ago Tesla publicly displayed the Model Y with the new multi-coat Quicksilver paint for the first time. What do you think? Do you like Tesla's new color?

At the end of 2021, three new colors appeared in the Tesla app – hinting at potential new color options:

Deep Crimson Multicoat
Abyss Blue Multicoat
Mercury Silver Metallic

However, these three colors have yet to make it to Tesla’s online configurator for people to order them despite Tesla having ramped up the production of electric vehicles at Giga Berlin where it is operating this new paint shop enabling those new colors.

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