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Tesla Model 3 Stormed The Model Y and It Went Unnoticed

Tesla Model 3 Stormed The Model Y and It Went Unnoticed

This morning I learned that there was a small dethroning of Tesla Model Y by Tesla Model 3 in Germany, which is important news because it further solidifies earlier unconfirmed reports that Tesla Giga Berlin may add two new Tesla vehicles to its production line, in addition to Model Y.

The news this morning is that Tesla Model 3 surpassed Model Y as Germany's top electric car. Now we can say with more confidence that it is very likely that Tesla adds the Model 3 to its production line at Giga Berlin. Currently Tesla only makes the Model Y at Giga Berlin, But now that Tesla makes more Model 3 vehicles in Germany than Model Y, it would make a good business sense to start producing the Model 3 at Giga Berlin as well. I reported this at Torque News last week based on German sources. Now, it looks more plausible.

According to data from Germany's national auto agency, the Tesla Model 3 became the most-registered electric vehicle in the country in November. The German auto market is significant in the European market, with major automakers such as Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz based in the country. The data shows that the Model 3 overtook the Model Y in terms of registration numbers.

According to data from Germany's national auto agency, Tesla sold a total of 10,819 vehicles in the country in November, representing a 93% increase year over year. This made it the company's second-best sales month in Germany. Of those sales, 6,811 were Model 3 units, 3,687 were Model Y units, 106 were Model S units, and 35 were Model X units. The overall auto market in Germany also saw a 31% increase year over year. This data shows that Tesla had a strong month in Germany, with the Model 3 and Model Y leading sales, and the Model S and Model X also contributing to the company's overall success in the market. Other automakers are reportedly struggling to catch up to Tesla's dominance in the market.

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