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Tesla May Make Solar Vans, Elon Musk Says

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just gave an interview to Joe Rogan in which he revealed that Tesla vans can have solar panels and explained why that's possible.

Musk said: “Now, a van, because you have a big, flat area, that’s actually where solar could start to make a little more sense. You know, because you have a lot of area. You could also have, maybe, a roof where it is solar, and then, when it is stationary, [the roof] goes out and provides shade, and maybe triples your area or something like that. Now, you triple the area, and you have a big, flat surface, you could maybe start charging enough where you start getting like 30 miles a day.”

Elon Musk had earlier confirmed that Tesla will develop an electric Van, saying "I think Tesla is definitely going to make an electric van at some point.”

The problem with solar panels on electric cars is that most passenger vehicles don't have enough surface area to make the installation of solar panels a benefit in adding a driving range. But vans are different and solar panels can potentially give a Tesla van 30 miles of range per day. This is excellent.

Do you like the idea of a Tesla Van with solar panels on it? You can watch Musk's full interview here.

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