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Tesla Has Cornered The Car Industry

Look how Tesla has cornered the rest of the auto industry into a corner with its 2nd Quarter 2020 deliveries.

Loup Ventures has an interesting about Tesla's 2nd Quarter 2020 better-than-expected deliveries, showing how the electric carmaker has cornered the automotive industry into a corner.

Today, July 2, Tesla (TSLA) announced that it produced 82,272 cars and delivered 90,650 units in the 2Q 2020.

The company said it had successfully returned production to its previous levels, despite being suspended for more than a month in this quarter due to the ongoing virus. Analysts had expected lower numbers, but Tesla once again proved that it was able of what others consider incredible.

Loups Venture says Tesla's structurally unprofitable concern likely to fade away and valuation concerns will remain.

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