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Tesla Giga Berlin Plans Two Additional Model Production

Tesla Giga Texas Plans Two Additional Model Production

A remarkable amount of information recently came from the Tesla factory in Grünheide, not all of which seems to be correct. Twitter user @FelixKern2 reported interesting news about further plans of Tesla's Giga Berlin electric car factory, which, however, were partly met with disbelief.

Tesla Giga Berlin may be planning to produce Model 3 and Model S in the future, an employee said. Given the high demand for cars in Europe, this may make sense, although the exact details of the development are unknown. But keep listening to see how much expansion Tesla Giga Berlin lines need in order to start the production of Model S and Model 3, in addition to the currently made Model Y electric car.

@FelixKern2/Twitter recently visited Giga Berlin where he says he was able to talk to a factory employee. They seem to have had a very productive conversation as @FelixKern2 had a lot to say. However, one of the most interesting was that, according to an employee, Giga Berlin intends to install production lines for Model S and Model 3. In this case, it is reported that the production line for Model S is already being installed. There is no data reported about Model X.

This is what Felix exactly wrote "Tesla is currently building a new factory line (I don't think it's official yet) of the Model S. In the future, Model S will also be produced in Grünheide.Model 3 is also planned!"

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