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Tesla Giga Texas July 29 Update

First we have a very high quality drone video from our friend Brian Roschetzky which shows trucks constantly going in and out at Giga Texas. They are moving extremely fast and Bryan sayd it's good because this will cut the waiting time for the arrival of the Cybertruck.

The second video of Tesla Giga Texas is from our another friend Joe Tegtmeyer and here is what Joe told me.

Attached is a link to my 29 July update video from today … a lot of interesting developments in the video and what I can share. First off, it was a windy day so getting drone video was a little challenging, but I think came out really well. There is a lot more land clearing that has been done and a new “asphalt” or another black surface large “pad” near where the central pond used to be (which is almost completely gone now). Joe says it’s not a real asphalt. Instead, it’s a fabric membrane to help settle the new dirt and control moisture. Also, this site is under the Class C airspace of Austin International Airport so anyone wanting to fly a drone will need prior authorization to fly here (I already have it).

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