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Tesla Giga Berlin's Water Contract and Supply Details

Tesla finally signed the Giga Berlin's water contract after weeks of waiting, reports RBB. This means that an important intermediate goal for the major project has been achieved.

Tesla signing the Giga Berlin water contract was announced by the head of the Strausberg-Erkner water association, André Bähler, on Wednesday morning. This means that the site can be connected to the water network in the coming months.

The 16 members of the Strausberg-Erkner Water Association (WSE) had already approved the development contract more than three weeks ago. The water association had negotiated the contract with Tesla for months. The surprise of the association's chairman, André Bähler, that Tesla took its time to sign. According to Bähler, the WSE expected Tesla to sign immediately. He told rbb on Wednesday that Tesla had dealt intensively with the documents.

Tesla Giga Berlin's water supply details

According to Bähler, the contract regulates, among other things, that the plant is supplied with a maximum of 1.45 million cubic meters of water per year. In addition, 0.95 million cubic meters of wastewater will be taken from Tesla. In return, Tesla must create the necessary connections and comply with the pollutant limit values ​​in the water.

Through the contract, Tesla also undertakes to take over the so-called construction cost subsidy for the drinking water development and the so-called wastewater contribution, i.e. part of the costs for the connection that are not passed on to the citizen.

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