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Tesla Giga Berlin November Update and Wait Game

Tesla enthusiast Albrecht, who regularly tweets updates from Giga Berlin, shared a new November update on where Giga Berlin is now.

Here is what Albrecht wrote.

One year has passed since Elon Musk announced to build a factory in Grünheide. Here are some of the Giga Berlin topics that Albrecht discusses in his tweet thread.

1. Progress of construction.
2. Waiting for the next permission.
3. Compensation for lost time.
4. The team spirit.
5. Next steps.

Progress of Giga Berlin construction.

The drive unit is completely closed. Inside works begun a few weeks ago. This building acts as a template. Paint roof is ready, BIW, GA, ST almost done. Roofing CA begins. Machines get loaded into the painting at end of Ocotober.

Waiting for the next permission.

The permission will include among other things tree clearing and machine integration. The reason for waiting is that the decision needs to be legally incontestable. Therefore a verbatim record needs to be analyzed. Its the protocol decided at the public discussion on the 22nd of September in #Erkner. For the objectors, this was a big thing. Maybe a small but loud part of the objectors hoped it would bring a delay. Actually, a result log is more common.

Compensation of lost time.

The permission was awaited at the first of October according to some sources. This means there is a time delay Tesla already adapted to. They will try to ramp up the processes and already applied for permission to expand the working hours.

The team spirit at Tesla Giga Berlin.

Time and the will to do something big and unforgettable is what drives all involved ppl. Someone from the Tesla team said: "We do not calculate in weeks, not in days: with us, everything is timed by the hour." and Tesla does not think too much about mistakes, they present innovative solutions in a short time. Participating construction companies speak of a lighthouse project and workers I talked to said they are proud to be part of this big project and want to see it succeed.

The next steps for Tesla Giga Berlin.

All are waiting for further permissions. Besides, that more and more worker and machines arrive a the site. In addition, an important step is the new B-Plan (Development plan) the community representatives have to decide in the next days. Dec. 15th I think.