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Tesla Giga Berlin Makes Astounding Effects and Tackles Challenges

Tesla Giga Berlin Makes Astounding Effects and Tackles Challenges

Brandenburg's Economics Minister Jorg Steinbach says in a recent interview to German Bundestag that Tesla Giga Berlin has several effects.

He says on the one hand, Tesla's electric vehicle Gigafactory near Berlin is now the largest industrial employer in Brandenburg, and it is planned that Tesla will also become the largest training company. The effect that is achieved is immense for the regional economy, potential investors worldwide now have Brandenburg on the map!

Speaking of how Tesla Giga Berlin tackles the challenges related to hiring more workers, Steinbach said as far as he knows the increase in the number of employees at Tesla is still on schedule. This is remarkable because, on the one hand, it shows that the company is gaining skilled workers who do not come from Brandenburg alone, but are recruited internationally. This makes it clear what effects the settlement of a large, international company has on the region. A mix of specialists from many different countries works at Tesla. Such a structure is the future and it means that we have to be a skilled immigration country.

Tesla Giga Berlin's workers are coming from far and wide. Look what a user, named Mike, wrote on Torque News Youtube channel's wall, under our Giga Berlin coverage this morning.

"I visited the Tesla Gigafactory a few weeks ago via the train that comes from Berlin. At the Grunheide train station there is a continuous loop of dedicated Tesla buses that go straight to the parking lot of the factory. When I was going back to the train station at 1pm, a train pulled in and literally hundreds of people got off and walked towards the bus stop. All of this means that workers are coming in from far and wide to work at the factory."

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