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Tesla Fremont Starts Giga Press Manufacturing: This May Further Drop The Prices

A recent video from Gabeincal revealed the first looks at the all-too-elusive Giga Press as it was spotted in action.

The Giga Press is a machine Tesla is installing at its manufacturing plants to increase production efficiency and improve vehicle build quality.

"A flyover of the plant from YouTuber Gabeincal shows several portions of the Fremont factory, including offloading recently completed vehicles into haulers for customer delivery. Looking for clues that would confirm details of the rumored Model S and Model X refresh, Gabeincal stumbled upon something else: the Giga Press," reports Joey Klender in Teslarati.

The video coverage of Tesla Fremont from Gabeincal is very important. Here is why. So much of the media is focused just on Gigafactories in China and Germany that we never see just how packed Fremont has become.

If you watch Gabeincal's video (reference below), on the 4th minute it looks like there are about 200 new castings, stacked up in fours, in the staging area. That's only maybe 20% of the plant's Model Y's daily production. Those fork-lifts are busy.

What can we conclude from Tesla Fremont now? Get ready for even more price cuts as this thing lowers the cost on manufacturing and labor. Model Y will be even cheaper this summer which will drive up sales.

Tesla has long planned for the inclusion of new processes that will make manufacturing vehicles easier. It is the key to delivering 1 million vehicles with only a few production plants in operation in 2021, even though two more are expected to begin operation later this year.

"The Giga Press is part of Tesla’s global plan to increase production efforts across its manufacturing facilities. It has already been installed in Giga Shanghai, where Model Y production has recently started, and in Giga Berlin, where the same vehicle will be prioritized when production begins later this year. Parts of the Giga Press have also arrived in Austin at Tesla’s Giga Texas facility. It is a major step in the right direction for Tesla as its EVs are ahead in technology and battery quality, but manufacturing density is where Tesla lacks," concludes Joey Klender in Teslarati.

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