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Tesla Does It Again and Delights EU Car Buyers With New Prices

Tesla Does It Again and Delights EU Car Buyers With New Prices

Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer, has once again cut the prices of inventory vehicles in Europe. This follows a series of price adjustments throughout the first quarter of the year, including a massive price cut in January.

The latest price cut was discovered by Troy Teslike on Twitter, who found that Tesla had slashed nearly 4,000 euros ($4,253) off the price of an inventory Model Y. However, looking at the Tesla France website, it appears that the savings vary from vehicle to vehicle, with some being discounted by as much as 7% while others are only discounted by 1.5%.

The price cut only applies to new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles with less than 50km on their odometers and are not part of Tesla's used vehicle inventory. The Model X and Model S remain at full price.

Interestingly, there doesn't seem to be a correlation between the location where the car is listed and the discount applied. The same disparity of discounts is being used across all European countries, from Germany to Norway to France to England.

These price adjustments are in line with Tesla's past behavior of continually adjusting prices throughout the year. It's worth noting that these price cuts make Tesla vehicles more accessible to a wider range of consumers and could help to drive sales in Europe.

Overall, these price cuts are good news for European consumers who are looking to purchase a new Tesla vehicle. However, it remains to be seen whether these price adjustments will continue throughout the year or if they are only a temporary measure.

Leonardo Mantovani from Torque News Youtube says: "I think that they are keeping the price high just until the production is not ramped up yet.. But I heard it tell about another interesting news: the BYD new acquisition on the state of Bahia, Brazil. They just bought a factory from Ford this week to produce their EVs. So it seems that they are like shooting first on the Brazilian EV market to retain loyal costumers."

Question for consideration asked by Daven from Torque News Youtube: "Does this mean the next generation Tessa is only gonna cost $20,000 and we get to deduct the $7500 tax credit from that so I knew Tessa is only gonna cost us $13,000?"

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