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Tesla Displays Hundreds of New Model Ys at Giga Berlin With New Perspective

Tesla Displays Model Y at Giga Berlin

Our friend Jurgen from Giga Berlin area today showed a few very interesting photos of the Model Y electric vehicles, built by Tesla and parked at Giga Berlin. Look at these vehicles and see how nicely they look and how they give the Tesla Giga Berlin a new perspective.

In the meantime the latest from Giga Berlin is that more and more Model Y are seen on the Northeast Logistics Area and the facade elements are now quickly attached to the Cell Building. We also see aggregates in the Cell Building.

Tesla apparently wants to start delivering the first cars next week. On March 22 - just two weeks after the approval of the Tesla plant - the US electric car manufacturer Tesla apparently wants to deliver the first cars produced in Grünheide. The handover to the buyer should take place during an event. Elon Musk is also expected.

The US electric car manufacturer Tesla wants to deliver the first cars around two weeks after the approval of its new plant in Grünheide near Berlin. According to information from the German Press Agency (dpa) on Monday, this is scheduled for March 22nd.

At an event in Grünheide, the first customers should receive their Tesla cars. CEO Elon Musk is expected to do so. An opening ceremony should be planned for employees.

The information platform "Teslarati" reported on the delivery schedules on Sunday. The "Tagesspiegel " had already reported at the beginning of March that an opening ceremony was planned for March 22nd.

Construction of Giga Berlin was approved only ten days ago.

The state of Brandenburg approved the construction of Tesla's first electric car factory in Europe on March 4. The car factory is already there. It was built by Tesla through around 20 early approvals at its own risk. Musk originally wanted to start production on July 1, 2021 in Grünheide.

The approval process was delayed, however, because Tesla added a battery factory to the application for the factory, which meant that critics had to be heard again. The notice lists over 400 conditions, including drinking water, keeping the air clean and dealing with incidents.

Environmental organizations and local residents fear negative consequences for the environment and water.

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