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Tesla Changes Seven-Day Return Policy

esla has quietly removed its famous 7-day return policy. Here is Tesla's current product return policy.

According to Electrek Tesla has reportedly canceled an audacious return policy in which new buyers of its electric vehicles could return them for a full refund within seven days.

This ends Tesla CEO Elon Musk's flashier marketing strategies, notes The Verge.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has used the 7-day return policy as a way to boast about Tesla’s high customer satisfaction rates, with the company so confident new buyers would be happy with their purchase that they wouldn’t take Tesla up on its bold offer, which is practically unheard of in the standard automobile industry. The past Tesla return policy also championed the idea that Tesla vehicles are like consumer electronics products — you could order and customize them online and have them delivered to your door, like an Amazon package, and then return it if you were unsatisfied, reports The Verge.

We don't know why Tesla has removed the seven-day vehicle return policy.

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