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Tesla Is Building Giga Berlin's Giga Presser Foundations

he development work at the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin site keeps on advancing at a fast movement, nearly to where there are significant advancements being accounted for almost every week. Now, at Giga Berlin, zones assigned for the "Giga Press" machines are getting some serious establishment work.

As our friend Tobias Lindh notes in a recent video on his Youtube channel, the foundational work in several sections of the Giga Berlin site is quite noteworthy. This is especially true for the Giga Press and stamping areas, both of which feature foundations that look almost overkill. The foundations themselves utilize an almost insane amount of metal, with thick slabs of concrete seemingly being placed on top of piles.

In the meantime, another Torque News friend, Jurgen, who with Tobias and others have supplied Giga Berlin news updates consistently, Tweets, "Work continues on the drive unit (DU) to complete the facade cladding. Further preparations are being made at the transformer station ( SY ) for connection to the electricity grid."

Simon Alvarez from the Teslarati notes that, "These observations suggest that Tesla is building Gigafactory Berlin to be a facility that could last for an extremely long time. The fact that the company is building monster foundations for its casting and stamping areas further suggests that Tesla has also gathered some important insights from the initial setup of the Fremont Factory’s Giga Press machines, the first of which started operating in August."

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