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Tesla About To Complete The Project Roadrunner Battery Facility

Tesla is currently working on a considerable amount of construction work or preparing for three large Gigafactory projects: In China, a second large building, now for the production of the Model Y, is almost finished, in Germany the Gigafactory near Berlin is taking shape, in Texas the ground is already being prepared for what is probably the largest Tesla factory ever for Cybertruck and Model Y.

In addition, the electric car production at the parent plant in Fremont in California is being expanded - and very close by, a YouTuber has now documented work for a production facility that will initially be Tesla's smallest gigafactory and yet be of greatest importance.

Own Tesla cells already confirmed

Either way, the renovations on the Tesla building on Cato Road are in full swing, as a new YouTube video on the Living with Intent channel shows. On the drone pictures you can see that the parking lot in front of the building is full of materials and small and large construction vehicles. These include many mobile cranes - which is explained by the fact that Tesla is adding part of the roof, as requested. In fact, a square structure protrudes from the elongated building, which looks largely completed.

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