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Tesla China's New Leadership Reshuffling May Evoke a Bigger Role

Tesla China's New Leadership Reshuffling May Evoke a Bigger Role


Just about an hour ago I learned that there was a very strange, but somewhat expected leadership reshuffling at Tesla Giga Shanghai. President of Tesla China Tom Zhu stepped down.In my opinion this has nothing to do with the planned maintenance shutdown of Giga Shanghai, but rather his promotion to a much bigger role at Tesla, possibly even to the role of Global CEO of Gigafactories. In this report I am going to tell you all about that.

So this morning Giz China reported that Tesla's Legal Representative of China stepped down. Before I go any further with explain this leadership shakeup in Tesla China, I need to say that the sale of Tesla cars in China keeps soaring every year. And Tesla wants to keep these numbers rising or at least keep things this way. As part of maintaining its dominance in China, Tesla Giga Shanghai factory has undergone industrial and commercial reshuffling.
Due to this, Zhu Xiaotong had to step down as the legal representative to the EV car maker.

Zhu Xiaotong did step down as the legal representative. But he still remains the chairman of the company. Earlier reports this month suggested that Tesla CEO Elon Musk had found a good candidate that would step in his shoes as the CEO. Many fingers pointed at Tesla’s global vice president who also doubles as Greater China CEO Zhu Xiaotong.

People on Twitter wonder about this and say things like "will he step up as new Tesla CEO globally?" Or, I read another person commenting his hope that Zhu will get to become the manager of all Tesla gigafactories globally because of what his team has achieved at Giga Shanghai. Based on that production achievement, he may be well deserved for a new role as the Tesla's global head of all gigafactories.

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