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Tesla Supporters Want A Public Deck at Giga Berlin

Fans ask Elon Musk to build a public viewing deck at Tesla Giga Berlin for #Tesla fans to come and watch. They also offer 2 renderings. Elon any thoughts?

The fan community at Tesla Giga Berlin is getting bigger and bigger. Also the future generation of Tesla supporters Tesla is already getting enthusiastic. They come to Giga Berlin, stand on the top of their cars, and view the construction progress. Now, one supporter asks Tesla CEO Elon Musk to build a public viewing deck and even proposes an interesting rendering of it.

Our Torque News friend who Tweets with the handle @DerCaspar aks the Tesla CEO to build a public viewing deck for Giga Berlin viewers.

"Elon Musk could we please have public parking and a platform for Tesla fans to visit the construction site with their kids and don’t have to park in traffic," asked Caspar today on Twitter.

Then Caspar even offered a few renderings of Giga Berlin deck, which I think look really nice.

Also, watch two-weekend update drones of Giga Berlin from our local friends Tobias and Jurgen.

Here are the highlights of this past week from Tesla Giga Berlin.

- All roads are asphalted.
- The Great Hall of the paint shop ( PT ) continues to grow.
-The drive unit's ( DU ) roof is almost complete.
-The piles in the press area ( ST) are all set.

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