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Rare Crisp Look at The Hidden Details of Tesla Cybertruck From Yesterday's Meeting

Rare Crisp Look at The Hidden Details of Tesla Cybertruck

Yesterday Tesla displayed its long-expected Cybertruck at the stockholder meeting and a Youtuber Greggertruck took a clear crisp walkaround of the truck from the back and one side. But this walk around shows some very interesting hidden details.

First, it looks like there is a button on Cybertruck's B and C pillars to open the doors of the Cybertruck. This could be a capacitive sensor. I wonder how it works in cold weather, especially if the owner has gloves.

Another hidden thing we see in this video is that it provides a nice view of the inside of the sail panels. It looks like there is some storage there accessed from inside the bed. In my opinion it looks good. Do you like it? But one person suggests to "take it with a grain of salt of course," as he "last heard that the sail panels are gone because part of the rear wheel steering components now take that space."

Now look at the corners of the Cybertruck. I keep thinking that the corners on the window are going to be a liability issue. People write in Tesla Reddit that even watching Elon get out of the truck during the Lithium Refinery groundbreaking, it looked like he almost took his eye out from the door's upper corner.

Yet, another interesting thing we noticed has to do with how Tesla placed the windshield in the Cybertruck. The windshield seems to have a bit of a curvature in it. Why not completely flat? Surely that should be cheaper to make.

But others say it looks completely flat to them, adding The bottom edge is a curve similar to the curved nose. What about you?

Some people say that they are still hoping that there will be a bench seat front in the Cybertruck, but that's seeming less and less likely. "That's half the reason I wanted a Cybertruck, so that it could sit 6 people," writes one user in the Tesla Reddit discussion board.

What's interesting is that in the case of the Tesla Cybertruck, we see a very silly concept vehicle, going to make it to production essentially unaltered. And Cybertruck is already a mainstream vehicle that should sell in high volume, not a brand-boosting stunt.

Tesla Cybertruck Production and Testing:

  • Tesla has been spotted testing increasingly refined prototypes of the Cybertruck, bringing it closer to the production version.
  • Recent sightings include Cybertruck suspension testing on Tesla's Fremont factory test track.
  • According to the latest information released by Tesla, Cybertruck production is expected to commence in the coming weeks, with the first deliveries projected for the end of Q3 2023.

The Cybertruck could potentially start production in the coming weeks. The unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck has ignited excitement among automotive enthusiasts and potential buyers, as the electric pickup truck promises a revolutionary design and performance. From the hidden door opening mechanisms to potential design considerations, the Cybertruck presents an intriguing blend of innovation and practicality. As production draws closer, Tesla's meticulous refinement and testing indicate a strong commitment to delivering a groundbreaking vehicle that could reshape the future of electric pickup trucks. The Cybertruck's journey from concept to reality is an exciting milestone in the realm of sustainable transportation.

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