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Pepsico Paves The Way of New Trucking with 21 New Tesla Semis

Pepsico Paves The Way of New Trucking with 21 New Tesla Semis

Don't miss out on PepsiCo's groundbreaking announcement! Watch now as they unveil their impressive all-electric fleet of 21 Tesla Semis at their Sacramento bottling plant. PepsiCo has made history as the first company to take delivery of these cutting-edge electric trucks, which will be used to deliver their products locally.

These 21 Tesla Semis differ from the fifteen units PepsiCo already uses at its Frito-Lay manufacturing plant in Modesto, as reported by The Sacramento Bee. And with the company having an order for 100 Semis from Tesla, some of which will be used for long-haul deliveries in California, it's clear that PepsiCo is leading the charge towards a greener future.

The trucks can last up to 400 miles between charges and cost around $250,000 each. But PepsiCo received some much-needed financial assistance from state and federal grants, including $4.5 million from the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, which paid for 18 out of the 21 trucks.

As California's Air Resources Board makes a rule requiring all new trucks to be electric by 2045, it's likely that Tesla will receive more orders from companies throughout the state. The Semis will be charged by four 750 kW chargers at Sacramento and Modesto.

Be sure to watch this groundbreaking moment in the history of trucking and sustainability.

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