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Now We May Know The Phase One of Tesla Giga Texas

This is how much has changed at Tesla Giga Texas in the past two days. First, it looks like Tesla is defining Phase 1 of Giga Texas and the 2nd, it brings the first crane to Giga Texas.

Here is what our friend Joe Tegtmeyer, who took this drone update of Giga Texas, wrote me in an email.

Just finished making my new 31 July Giga Texas video. Some key changes since two days ago include a more defined “border” around the land clearing areas that are now marked by a small divider about 2 to 3 feet tall made out of a black cloth that indicates where I believe what I am calling Phase I of this construction area will ultimately grow to and where land clearing should progress.

Interestingly, it appears that the huge powerlines running through the site are being cordoned off to probably keep them there and not have to go to the expense or time to remove and relocate them. As you can see on the new map I made, the land clearing defined areas are on either side of the power line route. I bet this also will make getting power to the new Gigafactory a lot easier for Tesla and faster too.

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