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New Update on Tesla Giga Berlin Battery Factory

We have the latest news update on the Tesla Giga Berlin battery factory regarding the production of the 4680 battery cells. Tesla wants to submit the permit application in the next few weeks. According to an industry insider, the application will be submitted by July of this year at the latest, reports Handelsblatt.

Heiko Weber has been working in the automotive industry for 22 years. The management consultant and partner of Berylls is closely following Tesla's plans in Grünheide, also because he used to be responsible for engine assembly near the Mercedes plant in Berlin. “When do they start with the battery cell factory?” Asks the industrial engineer.

Some people in Germany are asking this question. It has long been clear that Tesla doesn't just want to manufacture electric cars in Grünheide. "We want to build cells on site for production in Berlin," said Tesla boss Elon Musk last June. A few months later, Tesla, together with other manufacturers, qualified for EU subsidies for battery factories totaling 2.9 billion euros.

But Tesla has not yet applied for approval. But now the plans are becoming more concrete. In a few weeks - by July at the latest - Tesla wants to apply for a permit for the production of lithium-ion cells, as well-informed industry circles have learned.

Speaking of Giga Berlin, Tesla Giga Berlin closes in on trial runs as new Model Y bodies are spotted on site.

Simon Alvarez reports in Teslarati that It appears that Tesla is setting the stage for Gigafactory Berlin’s Model Y trial production runs, as hinted at by several Model Y bodies that were recently sighted in the massive electric vehicle production complex.

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