Musk Says Tesla Model Y on Track to Become Best-Selling Vehicle Worldwide
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Musk Says Tesla Model Y on Track to Become Best-Selling Vehicle Worldwide


During yesterday's 2022 Tesla annual shareholder meeting, CEO Elon Musk shared that Tesla had produced its 3 millionth vehicle. This shows Tesla has been growing its annual production rate exponentially.

As for Tesla's Model Y compact crossover SUV, Elon Musk said it’s on track to become the highest-selling vehicle by revenue this year. In 2023, the Model Y will be the highest-selling vehicle by unit volume.

I mean, you gotta love how even all the internet TESLAQ combined can't stop these cars from selling.

Still, the Model Y is way too expensive a vehicle to be the highest selling car by volume. The Toyota Corolla which I assume worldwide is the highest volume vehicle is less than half the price of a base Model Y.

I mean, regardless of price, it sorta looks like it’s a possibility for Tesla to sell over 1 million of these next year. That’s in line with Corolla sales.

Tesla is now on pace to sell 750,000 this year. That’s good enough to 4th on the list in 2021. It’s still crazy to think about since Elon said they were about 3 days away from insolvency in 2018.

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