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Model 3s Waiting in Shanghai Port To Be Shipped To Europe

This is Shanghai Haitong Terminal, where thousands of Tesla Model 3 vehicles are waiting to be exported from Tesla Gigafactory 3 to Europe.

Torque News friend Wuwa, who regularly provides video news updates from Tesla Giga Shanghai, has shared this update showing thousands of Model 3 vehicles waiting in a port, about 65 km away from Giga Shanghai, to be exported to Europe.

"On the 20th, I went to Haitong Port, which is about 65 kilometers away from Tesla's Shanghai plant. The first batch of Tesla Model 3 exported to Europe will be shipped to Europe through this port," writes Wuwa.

Then he explains that Haitong Wharf is located at the port of the Yangtze River in Shanghai’s Pudong area. Haitong Port is a large-scale international automobile port in Shanghai, where import and export automobiles basically pass customs. The Haitong Wharf is very big and has a land area of ​​265,000 square meters and has a dedicated storage yard that can park 7,000 vehicles at the same time.

Wuwa says that Tesla's Model 3 exits are parked in three sites. There are about 400 vehicles in the parking lot near the terminal. Model 3 is parked there, and the number of Model 3 in parking lot No. 5 is much larger.

"I stayed at the dock for one morning and saw that there are constantly pallets transporting Model 3 from the factory, because it is a mix and match site, plus There are not many vacancies in the venue, and Model 3 can be parked in a vacant space. At present, we do not know how many Model 3 will be exported to Europe. The first batch of Tesla Model 3 exported will also depart for Zeebrugge port in Belgium next Tuesday," Wuwa concludes.

This is an amazing site and Wuwa has done some great shots.

People on Reddit say these Chinese Model 3 SR+s are such a vast improvement than Fremont, especially when you factor in that the LFP battery has a significantly higher cycle life and can charge to 100% with extremely minimal degradation over time. "I just hope Berlin and Austin are just as good or better," writes one particular user.

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