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MIC Model Y Gets Some Very Interesting Interior Updates


Tesla has updated the interior design of the Model Y electric SUV made in China with two refreshes. The first change is the new wood panel in the door, which can be observed from the new MIC Model Y in the online configurator, and the second change, which is the main one is the introduction of a new center console with an integrated wireless phone charger and an updated design.

Take a look at the new design of the center console of the Model Y and the wood extension on the doors. It's completely new and it brings an extra touch of neatness to the interior. The center console is also more rounded, it is finally asserting itself. It is now undeniable that Tesla is working more and more on its finishes with the imminent arrival of more serious competition.

Also the new design change includes the heated steering wheel and HEPA filter / Biological weapon defense mode: the same that equips the Tesla Model X.

The only downside is that this brand new version is currently reserved for the Chinese market. We don't know when these design updates will be rolled out to the US market. This is the first time that Tesla has incorporated new features specific to the Chinese market because even American customers can't yet order this new version.

As you know Ford Mach E already has the heated steering wheel. It is likely that Tesla waited as long as possible before deploying this feature after seeing Mustang Mach-E deployed with this feature The good thing now is that in the winter, the the heated steering wheel can allow you to travel serenely without turning on the heat, when there are no passengers of course.

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