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MIC Model Y Demand Seems Skyrocketing

If you buy a Tesla Model Y made-in-China today, you are very likely to get your Model Y sometime between April and June. This is how quickly the MIC Model Y is selling out, confirming previous reports.

According to Tesla’s website, Model Y deliveries are now indicating sometime in Q2 of 2021. This would mean someone ordering today won’t get their Model Y in China until April, May or June of this year, according to @ray4tesla.

A day earlier, Ray wrote, "New orders have filed up quickly since the release of new pricing for MIC Model Y. According to a Tesla sales rep in Shanghai Taiguhui Store, Model Ys ordered on Jan 2-3 will be delivered in Feb. New orders after that can only be fulfilled in March."

Traditionally Q1 is slow for businesses. However, in this case I think we need to consider what a slow Q1 may mean for Tesla in China because Tesla has never had a Q1 in China when it comes to Giga Shanghai.

Paulee Twitter user writes on this regard, saying, "I think we need to reconsider “Q1 is slow” wisdom going forward. 1) Tesla never had Q1 in China w/ fully ramped domestic production of any model. 2) Q1 has Lunar New Year, and people in West don’t realize how big a shopping season it is in China. As such, Q1 will no longer be slow."

Tesla Model Y is becoming so popular in China that even top Chinese newspapers, such as Global Times, cover articles, writing, "In a Tesla store at the HKRI Taikoo Hui shopping square at Shanghai, a sapphire-colored Model Y was displayed in the store along with two Model 3s and one Model S. At about 2 pm on Tuesday, a steady flow of customers came in to inquire the basics of the model. There was hardly a moment when the car was ignored, while the two Model 3s had a lot of idle time."

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