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This May Be The Future Shape of Tesla Giga Texas

For the first time we may be able to guess the future shape of Tesla Giga Texas, or at least its foundation.

Our local friend Joe Tegtmeyer reports.

Work continues at Tesla Giga Tesxas outside of Austin at a fast pace and the site had changed dramatically and the basic foundation of the main factory building is beginning to emerge already! Some other significant changes have happened in the past day or so as seen in this video. Here are some of these developments.

The gravel sub-base material is growing, doubling the size of the original gravel area and extending north as well. The middle construction area is now almost at a consistent grade and outlines of the foundation are emerging in the compacted soil areas. Three GeoPier machine groups are at work having completed some number of footings already.

New areas at Giga Texas are now being cleared, including the northeast “swamp” area, the southeast pond and forest area, a very far east clearing and the number of temporary construction building has grown to 6 from 4 just 48 hours ago. The south swamp area continues to vanish as well as the final north west pond.

Finally, we take a quick trip up to the far north to see a new clearing area and try to determine what it might be used for in the future.

I hope this video will help viewer see just how fast they are working and how quickly changes happen on a daily basis and how huge the undertaking is to build Giga Texas.

Tesla plans to build the Cybertruck, Tesla Semi and the Model Y at its Giga Texas factory for the Central and Eastern United States deliveries.
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