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Jay Leno Explains How Tesla and ICE Cars Can Coexist

In a new interview Jay Leno spoke about Elon Musk, Tesla and said he believes in American entrepreneurial spirit and why Tesla is leading European electric vehicles.

Leno, an ardent Tesla believer, who has supported Elon Musk since Tesla's earliest days, was recently interviewed in a CNBC segment on Friday, following Tesla’s final trading day before its inclusion into the S&P 500 on Monday. During the interview, which was featured in The News with Shepard Smith, Leno was asked about the potential competition that is coming into the electric vehicle sector. The legendary host, hinted that Tesla has an advantage in the form of Elon Musk’s long-term vision.

Leno explained that the genius of Elon Musk is that he decided to build Tesla’s infrastructure as he was building the company’s electric cars. "This ensured that even early vehicles like the Model S had enough charging stations to enable comfortable long drives. Even today, Leno remarked, major car manufacturers who are coming up with new EVs still fall behind in this regard," writes Simon Alvarez of Teslarati.

Here are some comments under the interview by Youtubers.

Jay just said it best - "it doesn't always have to be one thing or the other!" Yes! - Tesla's are fast, and THE BEST for tap-and-go congested traffic

"You can get another car" - Jay Leno Your muscle car can be your weekend recreation vehicle.
Ironically, the best people to promote Tesla (or any electric car) are the ones driving V8s for decades.

Wait until the Cybertruck and Semi hit the streets. And the Robotaxis will be the cash cows of Tesla.

I would say just wait a couple years when Tesla makes cars the average consumers can afford them. But wait. Tesla’s sticker price is higher but you make up for it in cheap fuel and no maintenance. I read that the 5 year total cost of ownership for a Tesla Model 3 is less than a Honda Accord. Would you agree with this? But also , on the other hand, Tesla cars are really expensive to insure and repair. I know Tesla is going to start offering insurance to hopefully solve that.

People says the different between the Tesla and Honda is that I can afford to fill up and maintain my car as needed but don’t have money to buy an EV upfront. And I don’t lease/finance. This is a real problem, most people can't afford a Model 3 at $40k even if the TCO at end-of-life would be lower. "Tesla has plans for a $25k EV to be released in 3-4years, I think we will start seeing massive adoption then. The other manufacturers will also release vehicles that are less expensive, but we will have to wait and see if they are competitive. What I see happening in the short term is a lot of people will buy used EVs for their day to day driving and still keep their gas car for long journeys, I think this would be a great thing. You can find 3 year old Chevy Bolt's for $13-15K right now, it has 230mi range, which is more than enough for most people," writes one commenter.

When automobiles were first introduced no one thought they would catch on since people really loved their horses. We know how that turned out.

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