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How Giga Shanghai Construction Workers Take Their Lunch Break

Our friend Wuwa, who frequently sends updates from Tesla Giga Shanghai, today shared a new video report showing the life of Giga Shanghai’s construction workers during their lunch break.

Tesla is actively building Phase 2 of it’s Shanghai Gigafactory to produce Model Y for the Chinese and Asian markets. Hundreds, if not thousands of workers are involved in the construction of Giga Shanghai’s Phase 2. It seems that these construction workers have their lunch break outside of the Tesla Gigafactory’s premises. I don't know, perhaps there is a place to have lunch break inside the Gigaactoryas well, but as you can see from Wuwa’s video, hundreds of workers have lunch outside the Giga Shanghai, catered by street vendors.

It's like a road restaurant for Tesla's construction workers. It’s. mazing to see how workers get their lunch. But the streets are really not that clean they should be.

Why is this important? Because Wuwa shows the human side of the huge mega projects. Wuwa'svideo also shows a close association of workers and vendors at lunchtime outside that ENORMOUS Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory.

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