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GM Begins Work on Its Own Battery GigaPower Plant


While Tesla is building its Gigafactories in Berlin and the 2nd phase in Shanghai GM begins work to build its own gigafactory called Gigapower battery factory in Lordstown, OH.

According to the Tribune Chronicle just one day after getting approval from the US Army Corps of Engineers, work began to clear the land for its new battery manufacturing facility — somewhat grandly known as the GigaPower factory — on 158 acres in Mecca Township, Ohio, northwest of Youngstown.

According to Cleantechnica "Presumably, the GigaPower factory will manufacture the Ultium battery cells GM unveiled recently, saying they represented a breakthrough in battery technology. Some CleanTechnica readers have rather uncharitably said they are the same cells LG Chem supplies to several other manufacturers, but if GM wants to say it is a world leader in battery technology, who are we to complain?

"At least the company is building a factory and planning to roll out a number of battery electric cars over the next few years. And those cells will also be used to power two battery electric cars that will be badged as Hondas, even though they will built on a GM chassis at a GM factory. Honda will have complete control over the stitching on the passenger seats, however."

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