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Gigafactory Is a Product for Tesla, More Than Cars, Says Elon Musk

Elon Musk says Gigafactory is a product, more than a car. Does this mean Tesla may build Gigafactories for other companies?

Tesla Gigafactories are the crucial parts of building Tesla vehicles, but Elon Musk says a Gigafactory is much more important, it's the product of Tesla and even more important the car.

"Is each Gigafactory iteration massively improved over the previous one? Like with the cars?" Musk was asked on Twitter and replied saying "Gigafactory is the product even more than the car."

Tesmanian reports.

We know Tesla is a company that responds rapidly to arising situations, and corrects these issues at lightning speed. It does not need long months of discussion to take action; solutions are often rendered immediately after a problem is recognized.

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