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Giga Texas One Moth Update and Comparison With Other Tesla Gigafactories

This is the completion of the first month of construction of Tesla Giga Texas and since it was announced! In this video, we look at how Giga Texas stacks up compared to Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin at the same 1-month point. To be honest, I think Giga Texas is farther ahead than the others despite the challenges they have faced with the need to level, fill, and prepare the site as compared to the other two. But, it will be up to viewers to decide for themselves based on what they see.

Joe Tegtmeyer reports for Torque News.

We take a look at some site plan documents obtained from the City of Austin to address construction phasing and utility/power transmission line easement and ownership. A number of interesting things are noted in these documents, including the confirmation that a phased approach to the site plan and construction is being used at Giga Texas, very similar to what we have seen in Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin. Also, the large power transmission lines running through the middle to the Giga Texas construction site belong to the Austin Electric company and the easement and the towers will remain. There have been many viewers thinking these would be moved, but that does not appear to be the case … certainly not during this phase of construction it seems.

We also have a quick video section from the start of construction to contrast with where Giga Texas is at the one-month point. This helps to show just how fast changes have happened at Giga Texas (and of course, how much more remains).

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