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Giga Shangha's 8K Weekley Achievement and the MIC Model Y's Bioweapon Defense Mode

Today we have two big updates from Tesla Giga Shanghai. The first is that Giga Shanghai reaches 8K weekly production and the second is that MIC Model Y gets "Bioweapon Defense model" with HEPA filter.

According to a study by Industrial Securities in China, Giga Shanghai has reached a production capacity of 8k units/week (5k 3s, 3k Ys) & is estimated to make 523k units for 2021 (278k 3s, 245k Ys), including 100k units for export, reports Tesla owner and investor Ray, who tweets at @Ray4Tesla.

"Gigafactory Shanghai’s progress in 2020 suggests the factory could increase its production capacity throughout 2021 to reach its reported 550,000-vehicle goal for the year. If Giga Shanghai can reach its goal, it would soundly beat Tesla’s production and deliveries in 2020, which were already record-breaking. According to Tesla’s Q4 2020 vehicle production and deliveries report, the company produced 509,737 vehicles and delivered 499,550 last year," thinks Maria Merano of Teslarati.

It is perhaps fair to think that if Giga Shanghai builds 8,000 cars per week, Tesla will easily reach 1M/year vehicles overall in 2021. 525,000 vehicles per year is huge achievement.

On another note, Reddit user u/xiaoteshushu reports that he found a HEPA filter in his Model Y. He described and showed using a photo that the filters are installed at the top of the frunk, which makes them easier to access. Also, in a comment to his post, xiaoteshushu said that the frunk size is the same as on Model Y, in which the filter is not installed.

I am really glad to see the the MIC Model Y's HEPA filter up in a more accessible place. Also, it being a HEPA filter is a bonus. Perhaps now it won't get wet and stinky as it does in my Model 3.

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