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Giga Berlin Is Putting Asphalt at All Roads

Torque News friend from Grunheide Tobias Lindh is sharing images that all roads at Tesla Giga Berlin are being asphalted.

Tobias also says new columns are brought and installed at the paint shop of Giga Berlin and that Tesla has removed the topsoil in the north. As a result, "We already get a good view at the paint shop from the ground in the northeast," writes Tobias.

At the construction site for Tesla's European Gigafactory in Grünheide, piles are still being driven into the ground in order to get a sufficiently solid foundation for the press shop, and in other areas, workers continue to pull up walls and cover roofs, reports At the same time, however, the planning for the next step has already begun: the technical equipment of Tesla's new Gigafactory inside the building. A service provider from southern Germany who speaks of tight, but feasible deadlines, describes himself as almost completely responsible for this.

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