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German Experts Look at Tesla Giga Berlin's Speed as Role Model

German automotive experts and politicians say Giga Berlin's speed is a role model for other German construction projects. Tesla revolutionized the German automotive industry and industrial approval procedures.

Silke Kersting and Dietmar Neuerer have published a very interesting and through article in yesterday's Handelsblatt comparing Tesla Giga Berlin with the "Willy Brandt" airport of Berlin and Stuttgart 21 train station project. In their story, they point out how Tesla shows that a billion-dollar project can be realized much faster in this country.

Elon Musk only started the preparations for his fourth Gigafactory in February, the shell construction work began about four weeks ago and is clearly making progress. The first Y-series electric vehicles are due to roll off the assembly line in summer 2021, and later 500,000 cars per year.

According to the Federal Government's SME Commissioner, Thomas Bareiß (CDU), speed is a role model for other construction projects. "Tesla shows what is possible when political will, as well as efficient and fast processing processes in administration and courts, meet the will to implement it in business and industry," Bareiß told Handelsblatt.

Michael Hüther, Director of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW), speaks of a "signal effect." The rapid construction progress is "a great example of how intelligent and early coordination after a fundamental decision can accelerate planning and implementation." The fact that Tesla is now also planning battery production in Germany suggests a pull effect.

"Tesla gives us development aid," says Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, head of the CAR Institute. “Our suppliers are being drawn along with the car manufacturers.” The project is “a blessing for Germany”.

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