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German Agency Is Looking for 8,000 Giga Berlin Workers Right Now

Frankfurt's employment agency is looking for 8,000 employees to work for Tesla Giga Berlin and training 5,000 employment agencies on how to recruit workers for Tesla.

Brandenburg's Public Radio RBB reports that a project group from the Frankfurt (Oder) Employment Agency will train around 500 employment agencies in Berlin and Brandenburg over the next few weeks. In the future, they should look for very different professional groups for Tesla - from warehouse employees to engineers for printing technology to managers. According to information from the Employment Agency, the group wants to orient itself towards the wages of the metal and electrical industry. The starting salaries should be more than 2,700 euros gross per month.

The employment agency is breaking new ground: It is the first time that they have worked with a corporation in this way, said the head of the employment agency, Jochem Freyer, on Friday. "Usually we mediate and advise from the agencies and visit companies on a case-by-case basis to clarify individual questions," continues Freyer. "We made a different decision here because it is a special project and the dimensions with up to 12,000 employees are enormous."

They are also looking for people who are looking for a career change to work at Giga Berlin.

"Above all, lateral entrants will be accepted for simple jobs, and also unemployed people," said Freyer. People without a vocational qualification would also be eligible, and they would also receive collective wages. "This is a wage that we haven't seen here for a long time."

The agency and Tesla started working together in May. For two weeks, the employment agency has been running an office together with the group to push ahead with the search for employees. According to initial statements, Tesla employees should definitely belong to the better-paid half of Brandenburg's working population. "The median wage in Brandenburg is 2,700 euros," said Freyer. Median wages mean that 50 percent of all working people earn more and 50 percent less. "At Tesla, employees at the lowest wage level will be above the median," said Freyer.

I am looking at the comments under RBB’s report and see that people are complaining that the starting salary is low. One person is writing saying, “How are all the low-wage workers supposed to get there? That is de facto impossible with the OPNVfrom Berlin or takes hours. To this day, I tend to think that you want to attract people from Poland. It should take as long from Slubice as from Wedding ... Tesla creams off grand funding in order to then exploit the people nicely.”

Anyone who has a good job as an engineer or qualified skilled worker will hardly give up. Skilled workers are rare and in-demand; they will hardly take a job on the assembly line. Plant maintenance is more demanding; very stressful the 3-shift operation. If you don’t use skilled workers for production, the quality will suffer for a long time. VW, for example, trains itself, and the initial earnings are considerable. A significant proportion of the staff will be recruited from Poland. This results in the already mentioned problems of getting there, etc. Why should you buy a Tesla?

But there are positive opinions as well. One person, named Yoachim is writing, “It's nice that well-paid jobs are being created in our region - I thought you wouldn’t listen to the few hundred people with their negative views. Yes, screaming and singing out loud doesn't help the region. Thanks to the politicians in Brandenburg and to the majority of Brandenburgers who welcome a future worth living in. Thanks also to Elon Musk and Tesla”

And another person says “This is very good news for the entire region! Let's see what is wrong with the usual bad guys.”

Armen Hareyan is the founder and the Editor in Chief of Torque News. He founded in 2010, which since then has been publishing expert news and analysis about the automotive industry. He can be reached at Torque News Twitter, Facebok, Linkedin and Youtube.