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Fresh information on Tesla Giga Shanghai's that contradicts yesterday's reports

Sources on Tesla Giga Shanghai Production Capacity: "NOT YET!"


Sources exclusively tell Yahoo! Finance that Tesla will keep output at upgrade Giga Shanghai plant below maximum. In other words Tesla will not yet push for max output at Giga Shanghai.

"Tesla plans to hold production at its Shanghai plant at about 93% of capacity through the end of year, despite a recent upgrade, two people with knowledge of the matter said, in a rare move for the U.S. maker of electric vehicles."

Since the plant opened in its second largest market in late 2019, Tesla has sought to run the facility in China's commercial hub at full capacity, and recently upgraded its weekly output by 30%, to a maximum of 22,000 vehicles," Yahoo! Finance reports via Reuters.

The good news is that thanks to the ramped-up production, Tesla has been able to significantly reduce delivery wait times in China.

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