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First Video Walkaround of MIC Model Y

Today on the first day of Made-in-China Model Y price announcement and deliveries, here is the first close-up video review of MIC Model Y. Our friends Ray, who tweets Tesla news at Ray4Tesla has share these video reviews of the MIC Model Y on his Twitter page. It appears that Model Y is so popular and appealing in China that within the first 10 hours of new pricing announcement it surpassed 100,000 orders.

I think the Tesla Model Y is a great car. I expect the MIC Model Y leap in front of Model 3 sales very quickly. I could see 200K sold this year in China along if Tesla can make that many.

Note the Model Y name on the rear hatch. Which is surprising as Tesla doesn't mark its cars.

Some people say that the wooden dash of the MIC Model Y seems narrower than the one made in Fremont factory. Do you agree?

It looks like Giga Shanghai never rests. You also see in this video MIC Model Ys on trucks heading to deliveries in China in the morning of the New Year day.

Tesmanian, based on numerous sources from China, reports that within 10 hours of the official pricing announcement, the total order numbers reportedly surpassed 100,000 units of the China-Made Model Y. Tesmanian says it has received this information through its multiple reliable sources in China.

MIC Model Y will probably hit NIO EC6 the hardest as it’s priced at ¥350k (or ¥368k before subsidy). EC6 is 155km less in range and yet it’s over ¥10k more in price. I don’t see any reason why people want to buy anything else other than the compelling MIC Model Y, writes Ray who tweets at Ray4Tesla.

Tesla China announced the domestically-made Model Y’s latest prices, as volume production of the EV crossover starts in Gigafactory Shanghai. The Model Y Dual Motor AWD now starts at ¥339,900 (about $52,000) and the Model Y Performance now starts at ¥369,900 (about $56,600), a significant reduction from the vehicle’s initially-announced price.

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