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Elon's Memo Shows Tesla May Have a Shot at Record Q3 Deliveries

In a newly leaked email, Tesla CEO Elon musk rallies its employees saying Tesla has a shot at a record quarter deliveries.

Vincent Y from the reports on Elon's push for another Q3, 2020 record quarterly Tesla deliveries.

We recently obtained a new email from CEO Elon Musk to all employees claiming that Tesla has a good chance to achieve a record quarter (Q3 2020) for vehicle deliveries.

"We have a shot at a record quarter for vehicle deliveries, but will have to rally hard to achieve it. This is the most number of vehicles per day that we've ever had to deliver."

As we all know, Tesla has been really busy during its quarter-end push. The last couple of weeks are known to be especially packed with California vehicle deliveries.

One of our readers has provided us with recent drone pictures of the Fremont factory. As you can see, the parking lots are brimming with Model Y.

"Please consider vehicle deliveries to be an absolute top priority. It's also extremely important that we keep factory output as high as possible over the remaining 10 days. This is vital for the California market."

Simon Alvarez from notes that Elon Musk’s leaked email appears to be directed specifically to Tesla employees at the Fremont factory, with the message focusing on the importance of deliveries to the California market. The Tesla CEO’s rallying cry could very well be effective, as recent drone flyovers of the Fremont plant have shown numerous vehicles being prepared for deliveries.

Despite the virus, "Tesla has kept its original forecast for vehicle deliveries in 2020, with the company looking to deliver 500,000 cars by the end of the year. Considering that the company only delivered 88,496 vehicles in Q1 and 90,891 cars in Q2, Tesla would have to deliver north of 140,000 vehicles in the third quarter to get a clear shot at 500,000 deliveries. And even if Tesla hits more than 140,000 cars in Q3 2020, the company would have to deliver about 180,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter to hit its goal," Alvarez notes in his story.

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