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Elon Musk's Email to Push Tesla's 2nd Quarter Performance

Do you think last week's push can make a huge difference in Tesla's Q2 results? Listen to Elon's 'all-out' email to employees for a 'good outcome."

On Monday afternoon, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent a short email to all Tesla employees. In the email obtained by Electrek, the CEO addressed the importance of the last week of the quarter.

Here is Elon's full email asking for an end-of-Q2 push.

“For many reasons, a great deal of Tesla execution worldwide is packed into the final week of the quarter. It is very important that we go all out through end of June 30 to ensure a good outcome. Wouldn’t bring this up if not very important. Thanks Elon”

So what the “good outcome” can be for Tesla?

I see some people still thinking that Tesla can deliver a profit in Q2 despite the shutdown. I feel it’s unlikely, but not impossible with Tesla recognizing more revenue from the FSD package and cutting costs with furloughs and reduced salaries.

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