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Elon Musk and Detroit: How He Takes on The Legacy and Startup EV Makers

Current Tesla vehicles didn't have much competition, but things will change with Cybertruck as Elon Musk and Tesla will take on Detroit and a slew of EV truck startups.

"By the time Tesla's Model Y arrived on the scene, there were already a few solid all-electric SUVs from traditional automakers (e.g. Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-PACE). But these still didn't quite measure up. That said, things might be different when Tesla introduces its first pickup truck next year," writes Matt Pressman.

The Ford F-150 EV, GM's Hummer EV, Lordstown Endurance, Nikola Badger, Bollinger B2 Pickup and RivianR1T are all discussed in this video report. See how the Cybertruck and Elon Musk aim to compete against these electric pickup trucks.

So how will this all shake out? Should Elon Musk be worried?

While the startups look promising, we may see a showdown between Tesla and Detroit.

"Everyone is rushing to it because they want to protect what they have. The Detroit automakers, they lead in traditional pickups, they don't want Tesla... to [suddenly] take away some of their customers. While Tesla, an EV leader, is coming to the segment trying to defend their all-electric marketshare. So it's really kind of a battle of two heavyweights," CNBC's Michael Wayland notes in a recent documentary discussing the Tesla Cybertruck and its upcoming competition.

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