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The Boring Company's Branded Model X Gets Ready For Vegas Loop Testing

A Tesla Model X has been spotted at the Boring Company’s Vegas Loop project, dawning the logo of the underground tunnel that aims to make traveling in Las Vegas more efficient.

Photographs of the all-electric SUV from Tesla were spotted by members of the r/BoringCompany subreddit, who recognized a design on the side of the vehicle. Upon further examination, it is evident that the Vegas Loop logo is what was plastered on the side of the Midnight Blue Metallic Model X, likely identifying it as one of the first cars that will be used within the passenger travel system. Boring Company stated that Model S, Model 3, and Model X Tesla vehicles would be used in the Vegas Loop, all utilizing the company’s autonomous driving software to navigate safely and efficiently, reports Joey Klender at Teslarati.

Note how big is the parking lot of the Boring Company's station in Las Vegas. As TimTri points in Reddit, "That last picture really puts into perspective how big the parking spots in the stations are. People will easily be able to enter the cars from both sides without endangering themselves."

_myke explains that the photos are of 4 different areas of the Las Vegas Convention Center that has seen activity during the construction of the loop at the same time expansion and remodeling of the convention center has taken place. The first photo shows a Tesla with a Las Vegas Loop signage on it. I believe it is the area on one end where the boring pit for initial boring was but can’t be sure. Another area pictured shows staging of concrete components that will make up the tunnel walls of the loop the goes from the convention center to Encore. Another area is one of the two above-ground stations with Tesla’s parked in spots where they would pick up and drop off passengers. Another area is another above ground station. A photo of the ramps, escalators, etc for the below ground station is included.

That is the best of my knowledge without trying to verify.

"The Vegas Loop’s express nature will exemplify a new era of public transportation in the city. Vegas, a city that was visited by 49.5 million people in 2019, according to local news outlets, has a serious issue with public transportation. Not only is it one of the most visited cities in the world, but it is also a place where some resorts, casinos, and other points of interest are spread across several miles, making it an unlikely place of visitation for anyone who has issues with getting around," concludes Klender at Teslarati.

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