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An Artist's Conservative Imagination of Tesla Cyber Roadster

If you take a Tesla Cybertruck, a Roadster, and mix them together you will have a Cyber Roadster like this.

These pics of the Tesla Cyber Roadster were posted on Reddit recently by u/AdamMoonlight, but the original artist appears to be unknown. An artist reimagined Tesla's much-anticipated Roadster with influences from the Cybertruck.

The Tesla community flooded the post with 'upvotes' in approval of the irreverent design.

Iqditar Ali on Evannex, notes that, "the extra-large frunk, triangular side windows, and large wheels might not be as aerodynamic as the Cybertruck but it's still clear where the concept gets its influences from — let's just hope the glass is shatter-proof."

Nevertheless, he says, the design also looks like a nod to the past. It turns out that the 1980 Aston Martin Bulldog (see below) has a somewhat similar design aesthetic if we ignore the concept cars' flat and low roofline.

As you can see from the images, the Tesla Cyber Roadster has 90s muscle car proportions and an 80s vision of futuristic design. The only thing missing is a low res purple tone background picturing a sunset and the animation of this car going over Golden Gate Bridge, notes another Reddit user.

Now, since the source of these images of the Cyber Roadster is unknown, we can ask: did Tesla release this?

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