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2021 Compact Tesla Predictions with 2-Door Hatchback and Timeline

Compact Tesla Specs Prediction for 2021

Based on my readings of several Tesla enthusiast sources I think the Giga Shanghai Compact Tesla will have the following specs.

I believe by the end of 2021 Giga Shanghai will produce a two-door hatchback. It will be less than $25,000 USD. Since Tesla is already using Giga Presses, the new compact hatchback will be single casting.

Regarding the specs of the compact Tesla hatchback's battery, I read in several places that it will have 34kWh battery, which may have LFP chemistry and have beyond 200 miles of range.

The interior and exterior specs of the Tesla compact hatchback from Giga Shanghai. I think it will have four seats, one screen and one motor. Also, some people says expect weight reductions from single casting and weight reductions from the smaller compact size to make this combo work. The new Tesla compact hatchback should be able to crank out 5.4 miles per kWh.

Tesla will most likely export the compact hatchback globally.

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