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Nissan is one of the world's fastest-growing automakers with a full product line. The company makes nearly every vehicle sold in the U.S. in its American plants. This page publishes the latest news and breaking stories on Nissan, including its iconic Nissan Leaf battery electric car.

By Don Bain on August 26, 2011 - 5:40PM
Mazda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Honda have recently announced investments totaling $2 billion in Mexican plants and facilities, while Audi and Toyota are reportedly looking over the possibility of their own investments.
By Don Bain on August 8, 2011 - 7:01PM
Nissan is making room for the 2012 Nissan Leaf by partnering with developer City Ventures in Southern California to build 190 townhomes that are Leaf-ready and asking for comments on a Facebook page.
By Gordon Block on August 3, 2011 - 8:44PM
Nissan has added its LEAF app to the Android and Blackberry smartphone platforms, after the iPhone app stood alone as the electric car's sole app for nearly a year.
By Patrick Rall on August 2, 2011 - 3:48PM
Numbers from around the American automotive industry are trickling in and it looks like the Ford Mustang’s lead of the segment last month was short lived as the Chevrolet Camaro bounced back in July 2011 – outselling the Mustang along with the Dodge Challenger and Nissan 370Z.
By Patrick Rall on August 2, 2011 - 3:12PM
Compared to June and May sales, the Nissan Leaf was way down in July 2011 but with Chevrolet seeing a similar (and substantial) decline in electric vehicle sales last month, the Leaf easily won the battle for July 2011 over the Chevy Volt.
By Patrick Rall on August 1, 2011 - 11:38AM
Nissan and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have announced that 20,000 Altima sedans from the 2011 and 2012 model years are being recalled over a concern of an incorrectly tightened bolt in the front suspension – a problem that could lead to loss of control for the driver.
By Gordon Block on July 27, 2011 - 12:16PM
Infiniti has donated a QX56 to the Nashville State Community College to give automotive technicians in training the chance to be part of a very unique project: to build a luxury boat powered by the SUV's 400hp V8 engine.
By Frank Sherosky on July 26, 2011 - 11:08AM
AeroVironment (Nasdaq: AVAV) announced that it is expanding its relationship with Nissan internationally into Canada as its official home EV charging station and installation provider for the Nissan LEAF. AeroVironment was selected as a result of its leadership in EV infrastructure.
By Gordon Block on July 25, 2011 - 9:23PM
The Nissan LEAF is the first 100% electric vehicle to receive the NHTSA's highest five-star crash rating.
By Patrick Rall on July 19, 2011 - 12:17PM
Nissan is still struggling to meet the first 20,000 orders for their innovative 2011 Leaf electric vehicle but as the 2012 model year nears; the Japanese automaker has announced that the segment-leading Leaf will see price increases across the board.
By Don Bain on July 18, 2011 - 11:04PM
Today AAA unveiled North America's first roadside assistance truck capable of recharging electric vehicles. They are ready to come to the rescue of its members with 'depleted' batteries and provide Level 2 or Level 3 charging at roadside.
By Don Bain on July 14, 2011 - 9:12PM
Enterprise Holdings is the umbrella group over Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rentals. They collectively own more cars than any company in America and, according to a post today by Marc Gunther on, they are expanding their offerings of electric vehicles just as fast as they can.
By Richard Gray on July 11, 2011 - 6:19PM
Nissan Motor Company joins the rush for solar powered charging stations in unveiling a new charging system that draws energy from the sun and stores it in lithium-ion batteries that the company uses in its electric LEAF.
By Patrick Rall on July 5, 2011 - 4:45PM
The results from June 2011 have come in from around the US auto industry and for the third month in a row, the 2011 Nissan Leaf has outsold the Chevy Volt – now giving the Leaf the advantage in annual sales volume as well.
By Patrick Rall on July 1, 2011 - 3:35PM
The Chevrolet Camaro has led in the rear wheel drive sports car segment over the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and Nissan 370Z from January to May but as June 2011 sales results have trickled in – the Ford Mustang has claimed the top spot in sales for the month.
By Gordon Block on June 30, 2011 - 12:22PM
The Renault-Nissan Alliance is looking to gain a controlling interest in AvtoVAZ, Russia's largest automaker.
By Gordon Block on June 29, 2011 - 9:13PM
Nissan president and CEO Carlos Ghosn's bank account grew $11.46 million for the 2010 fiscal year, more than the CEO of any other automaker in Japan.
By Patrick Rall on June 28, 2011 - 2:29PM
In April, the organizers of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb announced that the 2011 Nissan Leaf electric vehicle would be competing in the 2011 Hill Climb event along with one other purpose-built electric race car that set the original record for an electric vehicle ascending the famous mountain race course.
By Patrick Rall on June 22, 2011 - 11:13AM
Last week we reported that when the 2012 Nissan Altima arrives, the slow-selling hybrid trimline will not be available but reports out of Japan suggest that Nissan is working on a new Altima hybrid using similar technology to what the company uses on the current Infiniti M35h.
By Gordon Block on June 20, 2011 - 4:33PM
Nissan and Mitsubishi, which signed a joint-venture agreement in December, have named the new company NMKV Co., Ltd.
By Gordon Block on June 19, 2011 - 3:48PM
Nissan and Infiniti return to the North American International Auto Show after a two-year absence.
By Hawke Fracassa on June 18, 2011 - 2:46PM
The Motor Press Guild has named Larry Rusznak business operations manager. The guild is the largest automotive media association in the United States and Canada. Ruznak, a former marketing manager for Nissan and other car companies, has been a guild member for more than two decades.
By Patrick Rall on June 15, 2011 - 3:27PM
Nissan recently released their press package for the 2012 model year and one interesting omission from next year’s lineup is the Nissan Altima Hybrid.
By Gordon Block on June 13, 2011 - 6:28PM
The Nissan LEAF electric car is currently scheduled to start US production in December of 2012, but the Japan earthquake may cause a delay.
By Gordon Block on June 13, 2011 - 1:07PM
The Renault-Nissan Alliance will be developing user-interface and smart-grid technology for future electric cars for both brands at the new facility located in Silicon Valley in California.
By Patrick Rall on June 10, 2011 - 10:36AM
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation that is slated to spend the next three years investigating whether modern electric vehicles with lithium ion batteries pose a significant fire risk to consumers from overcharging.
By Frank Sherosky on June 7, 2011 - 12:50AM
Thanks to the internet, designers, engineers and technicians will be able to view a web-based seminar called a webiner for the SAE J1772TM-Electric Vehicle and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Conductive Charge Coupler.
By Patrick Rall on June 6, 2011 - 1:08PM
Rumors suggest that the 2012 model year could be the last for the current incarnation (R35) of the Nissan GT-R but the Japanese automaker isn’t coasting to the finish line – as they have announced upgrades for 2012 that add power and cut weight from the turbocharged supercar.
By Hawke Fracassa on June 5, 2011 - 12:33PM
What kind of car sometimes had Twin H Power do you think?
By John Matras on June 3, 2011 - 12:02PM
The Nissan Leaf NISMO RC, the battery-electric race car version of Nissan's battery electric Leaf, is going to run at this year's Le Mans. But don't worry about long extension cords or lengthy pit stops to recharge the battery, the Leaf NNISMO RC will be making only a demonstration performance at Le Mans Vers Le Futur.