Autorama 2010 Preservation Award - 1955 Ford Thunderbird


I'm not one for remembering the exact year of many models except in more familiar cases like a '55-'57 Chevy. Fact is, I thought this Ford Thunderbird might be older than 1955, but was unsure. It's been a year since I took this picture, and my notes failed me.

Now I'm sure my buddies Ray and Glenn will correct me. And if they don't, then I know they didn't read the article. LOL.

Fact is, the Preservation Award is set apart for the Ridler; and there is only one in any given show year.

In 2009, it was the 1932 Ford Roadster called Redster, that had been stolen decades ago after one of the shows. It eventually made the rounds over the years and all the previous owners got together to support its return; a great story!

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