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Wheego LiFe on the market as a 100-percent battery-electric vehicle

The improbably named Wheego LiFe is in the hands of its first owners, the 100-percent battery-electric highway-certified two-seat coupe delivered Asma and Kevin Henry, residents of the Virginia Highland neighborhood in Atlanta, on Earth Day.

The Wheego LiFe is about the size of a Smart fortwo and meets requirements for highway use, unlike Wheego's other product, the Wheego Whip, which is a neighborhood street vehicle. The LiFe has a top speed of 65 miles per hour, making it somewhat sketchy for the freeway, unlike the battery-electric Nissan Leaf or the gas-powered fortwo, both of which can top 90 mph and easily cruise at 70 mph.

The Wheego LiFe gets its model name from the chemical symbols for lithium and iron. Wheego says it has range of about 100 miles and is fully equipped with driver and passenger airbags, anti-lock brakes and power windows and locks, with air conditioning optional. The 115v lithium battery pack can be charged in from a 120v outlet, a 240v outlet or any of the J1772 standard charging stations being installed in public locations across the U.S.

The retail price for a Wheego LiFe is $32,995, just a smidge over the Nissan Leaf's $32,780 msrp. Wheego, like other green car manufacturers, emphasizes the $7,500 federal tax credit plus any local tax credits which may apply, including the $5,000 exemption for the state of Georgia, where Wheego is located.

For more information about Wheego and where to find dealerships nationwide, visit the company's website at