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Toyota Camry Just Placed 1st on this Huge “Mile High” List

See how Camry performed in this important Consumer Reports long-term reliability list.

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Well, Toyota Camry has once again earned a huge honor. Better make that a well-earned huge honor.

Camry made the list of Consumer Reports “12 Cars Proven to Get to 200,000 Miles and Beyond.” In fact, it did extremely well here.

2023 Toyota Camry XSE in Cavalry Blue

Camry is right at the top of the list, ending up in first place, in quite a well-respected lineup. The Top 12 consisted of 7 Toyota models, 4 Honda models, and 1 Ford model.

Talk about reliability.

To make the list, Consumer Reports was looking for the vehicles that are the most problem-free and have proven to travel at least 200,000 miles the most.

Some cars, minivans, trucks, and SUVs would have made the list, as they are known for long-term high mileage. But, they did not perform as well in the “problem-free” category.

2023 Toyota Camry

2023 Toyota Camry TRD Underground color

Clearly these vehicles on the Consumer Reports list are used cars to have made it to 200,000 miles and beyond. Toyota Camry owners (and those looking for a reliable used car), therefore, should have peace of mind knowing they have a dependable and trustworthy vehicle in mind.

I like the fact that Consumer Reports also includes its current model year rankings and analysis for each vehicle. Of course, this includes 2023 Camry.

A 2023 Toyota Camry “offers sleek styling, but it's the improved fuel economy and handling, plus standard advanced safety systems, that distinguish it among the crowd of midsized sedans.” Says the publication.

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My impressions of a 2023 Camry are that it rides comfortably and smoothly, it has good technology and safety features (but yes, it could use some multimedia upgrades), and has good passenger space. Plus, you know it will go for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Double bonus.

2024 Toyota Camry Release Date

The first 2024 Toyota Camry shipments should begin reaching dealerships across the country sometime this month, in August. We do not expect a redesign or a Camry model refresh this time around.

2023 Toyota Camry SE in Ice Edge

Time for Your Toyota Camry Comments

Are you a current or former Toyota Camry owner, and do you have fond memories or a cool story about your car? How did it hold up for you over the years?

Do you think you are interested in either a 2023 Camry or a 2024 Camry?

And maybe more importantly, are you looking forward to the next-generation Camry?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid Reservoir Blue

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